Doolittle Services 

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About Us

Doolittle Services was founded on the idea of establishing a unique type of business. Something every homeowner, property manager and renter could utilize, yet something different from the typical substandard level of services most companies in this industry provide. It was important to give more to my clients than they expected and at a price, they could afford.

With so much competition in this industry, I knew I had to do something special to stand out from the rest. So I took the initiative to follow what I do best, provide positive service with a smile. I Then established affordable pricing for the services we offer and worked hard to ensure we're building strong, loyal client relationships based on 5 pillars that we found are of upmost importance in this industry.  

What makes us different?

Doolittle Services focuses on 5 important aspects... Quality, Professionalism, Experience, Efficiency, and Trust. These pillars are the foundation of Doolittle Services and ultimately what sets us apart! Because we care enough to ensure your home looks and performs at it's best, we provide a level of service that no other company does.